I am the main soul in the Zunhun Banner


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1000 Chapters · 28 Readers
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Traveling through the world of immortality, he was cultivated by the devil into a soul banner. I just want to find a reliable banner master and wait for him to help me become an immortal. Therefore, we should strive to improve ourselves, learn kung fu and practice magical powers, and fulfill our responsibilities as a grandfather. I hope that the banner owner can survive and become an immortal. But the world of cultivating immortals really can’t stand it! By the way, where is the banner master that I just bought yesterday? You won't be killed in a fight again, right? Ahem, okay, now I’m recruiting a new banner master who can help me become an immortal. What? I am powerless and just want to lie down. Are you afraid you want to be my banner slave? ! … Keywords: evil ghost, guardian spirit, development flag master, billions of soul flags.


  • I am the main soul in the Zunhun Banner
  • 我在尊魂幡里当主魂
Addition DateNovember 19, 2023
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