Start with the script killing shop


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641 Chapters · 7 Readers
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Question: How to run a script killing shop? Jiang Qi: Simple. You only need to have a script killing shop first, and then let the characters in the script killing come out to be your DM (script killing host), and then you can run a script killing shop correctly. At first, Jiang Qi thought he was playing a business card game and the store he ran was a script-killing store. Later he found out it was actually a restaurant. A large amusement park with restaurants. A shopping mall with rides and restaurants. A resort with shopping mall rides and restaurants. Jiang Qi:? Does anyone still remember that I actually opened a script killing shop? Game guide: 1. This game is a card game. There will be no penalty for mission failure. Players are asked to focus on cards and missions as a supplement, and work hard to collect cards. 2. Cards can be upgraded to a maximum of three stars. Players are asked to work hard to upgrade their cards. 3. This game has a high degree of freedom, players are welcome to explore on their own. 4. All interpretation rights belong to the game.

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