Hogwarts: The Cat Wizard of the Moving Castle


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306 Chapters · 76 Readers
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In London in the 1990s, Harry was thrown into the garden of No. 13 Privet Drive by his cousin. In fear, he saw the evil wizard who was rumored in the neighborhood to do all kinds of evil. "Kid, do you know how precious the Moon Spirit Flower is?" "From today on, use your life to atone for your sins." As a result, Harry was forced to sign an unequal labor contract. But gradually, he discovered that the wizard was not that scary. He had a cat head formed by a curse. There was Lucifer, a talking stove, and a broom that automatically swept the floor. What’s more, the cabin looks like it’s just a two-story building, but it’s actually a huge moving castle! ! A year later, in the winter at Hogwarts, when Professor McGonagall was collecting Christmas homecoming forms, Harry resolutely submitted the application. "I, Harry Potter, am going home for the holidays!"


  • Hogwarts: The Cat Wizard of the Moving Castle
  • 霍格沃茨:移动城堡的猫巫师
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