Yu-Gi-Oh! Starting from Duel City


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495 Chapters · 7 Readers
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Author:Wei Jian Xing Shi

Novel Summary

Time marked the beginning of the Duel City Tournament. Yu Rei accidentally traveled to the world of Yu-Gi-Oh. He originally planned to give the local duelists a little ultra-mainstream shock with a deck that was ahead of its time, and thus became the Duel King and embarked on the journey. The pinnacle of life. However, the reality was slightly different from what he expected... Muto Yugi: "Go! I activate the magic card [Red-Eye Fusion] from my hand! Fusion of [Black Magician] and [Red-Eyes Black Dragon] in the deck, show up! The bond of friendship - Super Magic Guiding Dragon Knight!!!” Kaiba Seto: "Hmph↗↘! Yu Rei, you are a third-rate duelist using a second-rate deck. It seems that if I don't wave the whip of complete defeat on you, you won't understand the fact that you can't win! Ritual! Summon, come! Blue-eyed Chaos Extreme Dragon!!!" You Ling: "...Since you are all doing this, then I am not going to pretend to be a good person! The higher level summon of the three-body liberated monsters, come! Cammy! "Wind Traveler × Sky Dragon"!!!" … This book is also known as: "OCG Players Don't Die by Fishing", "Some Things I Have to Say to Meika Elves", "So Strong!" It's really too strong! ", "In order to become the duel king, I joined the villain organization" [Card playing story, the protagonist will not lose, animation + OCG integrates the world view, including the parallel world setting of the movie version of the dark side of the dimension] Keywords: Yu-Gi-Oh!, playing cards, dueling, cards, OCG, Tears of Lament, Lai Lai Ji, sublime power, this card is destined for me


TitleYu-Gi-Oh! Starting from Duel City
Raw Title从决斗都市开始的游戏王
Addition DateDecember 14, 2023
AuthorWei Jian Xing Shi
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All Time Rank#3609
TagsCard Games,Male Protagonist,Transmigration,Yu-Gi-Oh!