One Piece: The Strongest Shura


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392 Chapters · 6 Readers
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In the battle of Chambord Islands, Supernova Zoro was seriously injured and faced with a powerful enemy, he was defeated by the tyrant Big Bear and was shot flying, but while being shot flying, his wisp of consciousness was shot In another world, he was possessed by a waste material called Zoro. In order to become a strong man and protect his partner, Zoro started his practice of Shura in this different world and became the strongest Shura swordsman. Realizing the fragility of life and the persecution of innocent people by power, he vowed to let the knife in his hand cut off the filth of the world, and let his knife open up a brand new world. Righteousness and evil are nothing more than a single thought, so why let people judge them? Shura is the ruler of the troubled times, and the sword intent is the blade that breaks the frame. Faith is the foundation of survival, and Shura in prison is also affectionate and righteous...


  • One Piece: The Strongest Shura
  • 海贼王之最强修罗
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