LOL: You don’t want to be broadcast live on the entire network, right?


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320 Chapters · 4 Readers
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"Rebirth S6 Diary" "My name is Chen Yiqiu, and I am reborn." "Bad news: I am an RNG player, without a system." "Good news: I can walk. The two souls have merged. My talent has become stronger and is close to the ceiling." "My situation cannot be noticed by others for the time being, but I have to test my limits in actual combat, so I decided to pretend to be Faker." "Reason 1: SKT has just won the double championship, and the Big Devil is at his peak." "Reason 2: I learned from the inside that the championship was on vacation and there was no time to qualify." "So this is a perfect plan to ensure that my identity will not be leaked. The first person in LOL will break the record. Isn't it right to be stronger? (laughs)" "Of course, before I impersonate, I have to do a lot of preparation work, including Lee Sang Hyuk's hero pool, operating habits, laning details..." "Nothing goes wrong, starting tonight." … "Faker Live Diary" "My name is Lee Sang Hyuk, and I discovered something interesting today." "I saw an ID that was exactly the same as mine. It was really surprising. I thought that was my most loyal fan." "Well, it seems I was wrong. This is not a fan of mine. His winning rate is higher than mine. Who is playing a prank?" "It's so shocking. I seemed to see another myself in a trance. Why is his playing style hero pool so similar to mine..." "A funny and annoying guy. I noticed his intentions. He wanted to use my ID to hide his stupidity. I think I need to expose him and severely punish this behavior." "Haha, you don't want to be broadcast live on the whole network, right?"


  • LOL: You don’t want to be broadcast live on the entire network, right?
  • LOL:你也不想被全网直播吧?
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