Staying at home in the last days is the most stable thing


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696 Chapters · 44 Readers
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Author:Bing Huo Liu Chong Tian

Novel Summary

If someone had told Shen Jin before that zombies could exterminate mankind, Shen Jin would definitely sneer: "Give me an artillery battery and I can clean up a city!" However, when the zombie virus arrives without warning, the thermal weapon that humans rely on most is inexplicably unable to fire. The real horror comes... It's getting dark and the network is going to be disconnected Shen Jin hid in the basement and shivered, his fingers on the keyboard no longer quick. Sudden! A light flashed! "Huh? My world auxiliary system...system!?" "Ah this!" So Shen Jin followed the concept that as long as I don't go out, I will be the perfect undefeated god of war. Start your own doomsday fat house life "The first step...let's knock down a hundred trees!" (PS: This book is also known as "The Reasonable Use of MC's Cubic Ability in the End of the World", "Staying at Home in the End of the World Is Not So Stable", "I Want to Stay at Home and I'm Forced to Be the Savior")


TitleStaying at home in the last days is the most stable thing
Raw Title末世宅在家最稳健
Addition DateJanuary 2, 2024
AuthorBing Huo Liu Chong Tian
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TagsGame Elements,Male Protagonist,Otaku,Survival,System,Zombies