Entertainment: My Game Life


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620 Chapters · 9 Readers
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Author:Shui Huo Zhui Yan

Novel Summary

“Fang Yuan traveled to the parallel world to build his own ACG (games, animation, comics) empire. Before the game came out, A certain girl: “These boys know how to play games.” After the game came out, A certain girl: “Brother, take me to eat chicken.” “I beg my little brother to take me to the king.” “I’m not a star-chaser girl, I want to be an internet addiction girl.” Green State is open, who can become the number one player? comics? Animation? Naruto, Pirate, easily gained over 1 billion fans. With the development of artificial intelligence, what kind of sparks will the virtual characters of the game encounter when they break the dimensional wall? “Hello, I’m Celia…” “Please tell Daji as much as you like, Master.” “Ionia, I’m so high-spirited.””


TitleEntertainment: My Game Life
Raw Title娱乐之我的游戏人生
Addition DateDecember 26, 2022
AuthorShui Huo Zhui Yan
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TagsGame Elements,Game Ranking System,Male Protagonist,Parallel Worlds,System