Cong Xi Yi Ren Kai Shi Mang Chuan Zhong Gu


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469 Chapters · 12 Readers
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What is it like to travel to a world that is destined to be destroyed? Lynch said he didn't want to know. Not only did he travel to a world of despair, but he also reached the front line of resistance against demons and became cannon fodder in the bloody battle with demons, a lizard man. Lizardman Lynch accepted this well, and the demon toad supervising the battle was satisfied with dispersing the storm of destruction above Lynch's head. "You've been chosen, go deliver it quickly." Lynch looked at his enemy. The Rat Man who was ready to move underground stuck out his ugly head. At a glance, there were minions of Chaos everywhere. The dark elves executed captives on the coast, and the undead roamed the sea at will. The ancient plan has failed and there are no allies, only enemies. The end is near! Wait a minute, why is there a fellow guy on the opposite side? Lynch looked at the prince of Nurgle, invited himself to join the traveler of chaos, and raised his spear. ..................... Group wear, group portrait, single protagonist, war theme, main battle, cold-blooded logic, pure order side, no male-female relationship, no farming, non-human race protagonist, don’t join if you don’t like it


  • Cong Xi Yi Ren Kai Shi Mang Chuan Zhong Gu
  • 从蜥蜴人开始莽穿中古
Addition DateJanuary 13, 2024
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