Global Demon King: Starting as the Abyssal Dragon全球魔王:开局选择深渊巨龙

218 Chapters
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218 Chapters · 78 Readers
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Author:Xiao Mo Yu

Novel Summary

Humans across the world ended up joining a “Demon Kings and Heroes game”. Several billion people were set down upon another world to act as “Demon Kings” and “Heroes”. Everyone has to chose their starting races from the start. Zhang Nu was set in the Demon King camp. He discovered that he could see hidden information that no one else could. [Slime Demon King]. Low grade demon king bloodline… Not recommended! [Kobold Demon King]. Low grade demon king bloodline… Not recommended! [Dark Elf Demon King]. Mid grade demon king bloodline… Can be selected! [Bloody Giant Demon King]. High grade demon king bloodline… Recommended! [Abyssal Dragon Demon King]. Strongest starting bloodline… Extremely recommended!


TitleGlobal Demon King: Starting as the Abyssal Dragon
Raw Title全球魔王:开局选择深渊巨龙
Addition DateMay 25, 2022
AuthorXiao Mo Yu
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Monthly Rank#45
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TagsBeastkin,Demi-Humans,Demon Lord,Dragons,Dwarfs,Elves,Fairies,Fantasy World,Game Elements,Game Ranking System,Goblins,Heroes,Kingdom Building,Level System,Male Protagonist,Multiple Transported Individuals,Orcs,Protagonist Strong from the Start,Ruthless Protagonist,Transmigration,Transported to Another World