Him and their stars


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1650 Chapters · 42 Readers
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This is the best of times. The two camps are fighting but not broken, and the door to the "New World" has been opened. Exploration and development, courage and glory are the background of the entire galaxy. This is the worst of times. The people of the earth have forgotten the hardships and pride of the fathers of independence, and are addicted to the false prosperity of Wen Tian and Wu Xi. They are about to fall into the abyss without knowing it. This was a time before miracles, when Titans sailed across the stars, psykers roamed the void, and Leviathans awakened in the shadows behind stars. The will left by ancient times is not only a legacy, but also a test and even purification. This is the eve of the great era. The dragon girl in the morning light is taking a nap, the boneless and one-eyed goddess of wisdom is still healthy, the female khan who swallows the sea of stars is still dormant, and the queen who is obsessed with all insects is silently growing up. After being reborn again and again, Yu Lian was bored with all the above and decided to be a revolutionary with no emotion, using the workers' Star Destroyers and Colossus to completely overturn the ancient rule of the psychic aristocrats. ********************************** The old book club group has exploded, and the new book club group "Meow Star Club" is 887291431.


  • Him and their stars
  • 他和她们的群星
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