The Road to Stardom: Start as a Slam Dunk Master


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567 Chapters · 6 Readers
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Defeat the United States in the 2025 Basketball U17 World Championship finals, championship MVP, Asian Youth Championship champion, most valuable player, personal invitation letter from NCAA old K... It is a pity that he died young. Lin Dong was reborn, reborn into the world of Slam Dunk Master. For his beloved basketball, and to compete in higher-level NBA arenas, he needs more games and glory. So a prehistoric beast that seemed to have escaped from the Jurassic just rampaged into the Japanese high school basketball league... There is only one goal, NBA! If I were a mountain, you have just reached the bottom of the mountain! Sakuragi, Rukawa, Sendō, Zebei...are you ready to challenge me? This book is also called "The labor and management are already qualified as NBA players, but they still play in the Japanese high school league. Isn't that a hammer?" "Teaching Forehand and Backhand: How to Destroy the Basketball Dreams of High School Students and Children"


  • The Road to Stardom: Start as a Slam Dunk Master
  • 巨星之路:从灌篮高手开始
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