Immortal Immortal


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614 Chapters · 16 Readers
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The world is sick, and all immortals are suffering from a stubborn disease called immortality. Under the influence of immortality, all kinds of cultivation methods are moving in strange and inexplicable directions. [Fetal period: When a baby is born, its limbs are atrophied and weak] [Total stage: After the age of twenty, the organs will completely rot] [Weak Crown Stage: After the age of fifty, the skin and flesh become withered and decayed] [And the period of establishment: after one hundred years old, blood will be depleted and mutations will occur] I am a seeker of immortality and a seeker of survival. There have been 10,000 completed copies of the exquisite "Cultivation of Immortality in a Deceptive Way", and 2,500 completed copies of "The Fifteen Years of Blacksmithing in the Liaozhai Studio". The character is guaranteed, and readers are welcome to read and collect it.


  • Immortal Immortal
  • 长生诡仙
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