Kill the game! Become a villain in a mysterious world


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198 Chapters · 9 Readers
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Author:Dao Ge

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[Welcome to the game "Secret Forbidden Zone 3.0", please draw your character card for this game, your identity is——] 【Ghost Card】 It means to isolate all players by oneself, double agents to challenge seven, and also add the game Boss. Quan Heng responded: "..." Good guy, a legendary gift package for the rebel faction. The crazy chocolate factory that subverts cognition, Mr. Crow's plague city, the White Queen's invitation to a feast, Cyber City's final battle hymn... a thriller game that transcends cognition, absurd and deadly ghost missions, and the secrets of the world that are constantly reincarnating. Kill the BOSS and kill the game! In the danger of reality and illusion intertwined, we move towards the end of power and power. Ding! Profit first, entertainment to death—— Welcome to the new world! · Unlimited streaming heroine/no CP/thriller live broadcast


TitleKill the game! Become a villain in a mysterious world
Raw Title杀死游戏!在诡秘世界成反派大佬
Addition DateFebruary 11, 2024
AuthorDao Ge
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