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This is a land filled with war and death, chaos and bloodshed. Every sound of the trigger will bring about a tragic chain reaction. Every time a bullet is released, it is the beginning of an avalanche. But the strong wind caused by the high temperature of aluminum heat will eventually burn out all opponents. ------- As soon as Chen Zhongsheng opened his eyes, he was trapped on the battlefield. In order to survive, he had to embark on the road of selling force as a mercenary. In the chaotic land, relying on the experience accumulated in his previous life, he planned to give those mud-legged people who had never seen the world a little shock from the strongest light infantry. From gas tank cannons to CQB tactics, from civilian-to-military drones to the most powerful 50-meter Xu Jin barrage in the history of war. As for guerrillas, field battles, insertions, and raids? In this regard, we are the ancestors! Year after year, Chen Chen's mercenary group turned into PMC and then into a defense company. When his name resounded throughout the private military field, he suddenly recalled: At first, I just wanted to go back to China!


  • Gale
  • 烈风
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