Shinobi: I'm Really a Supportive Ninja


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380 Chapters · 19 Readers
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Akira Hatake, carrying the hero template of Ming Shiyin in the Honor of Kings mobile game, became the eldest son of the Hatake clan, and Kakashi became his biological brother. Akira Hatake, who aspired to become the strongest assistant in the ninja world, started training Kakashi, and looked forward to the good days in the future when Katian's dog leash will be tied to one and nine will be beaten. But here comes a new round of problems... Namikaze Minato: Xiao Ming, tie me up, I will be invincible with Thunder God + Rasengan! Jiraiya: Xiao Ming, tie me up and watch me in sage mode for seconds! Tsunade: Xiao Ming, hold my hand, and I will show you the new world after one punch. There are benefits! Naruto: Lord Ming, please hold me, I am no longer Hokage! Sasuke: Uncle, please tie the chain and take me flying! Looking at the crowd of master Cs who were waiting for food, Hatake Ming was speechless and choked. Who should I choose today?


  • Shinobi: I'm Really a Supportive Ninja
  • 忍界:我真的是辅助型忍者
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