Superman's Saiyan brother


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926 Chapters · 93 Readers
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Twelve years ago, the first spaceship brought a superhuman son to the Kent family. Twelve years later, a second spaceship brought a Saiyan son to the Kent family. What kind of waves will the brotherly combination of Superman and Saiyan cause in this world? Ps1: The world background is a new and completely different comprehensive American comic world after the protagonists of the previous game merged with the universe. DC movie animation + some comics from Marvel movies + Jackie Chan's adventures + some movies containing extraordinary powers. Some of the characters and abilities are designed I will definitely not follow the routine, and I will not follow the original plot flow. Instead, I will intercept the major events and rewrite it. The plot and characters will be affected by the butterfly effect of the comprehensive world. I will try my best to write a plot trend that you have never read ( Unable to accept the cautious entry into the DC Marvel hybrid world and the creation of plot characters~) Ps2: The protagonist is not a pure Saiyan, but also has some other abilities in Dragon Ball. Ps3: Please support the new book (read, collect, monthly pass, recommend, you know~)


  • Superman's Saiyan brother
  • 超人的赛亚人弟弟
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