I Opened the Martial Arts Hall In Marvel


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1749 Chapters · 22 Readers
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Author:Ling Gan Yi Kao Meng

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Huang Wen, who fell on the ring, crossed to the US Chinatown and inherited a martial arts gym. The domestic film and television lottery system allowed him to draw Ye Wen’s ability. “Fist, it’s not like that.” Huang Wen said. What? This is Marvel? excuse me…… Who said that domestic film and television dramas are inferior to Marvel movies, I asked Huang to use the capabilities of domestic film and television dramas to tell the entire Marvel world that boxing is not like this! Spear fighting, sunflower acupuncture hand, Tathagata palm, swordsmanship, magical mobile phone… Let you see the power of domestic film and television dramas! Starting a martial arts gym, the ability all depends on editing~ Ps1: Most Marvel movies may incorporate a small number of others. The timeline is mainly based on this book, and the character ability setting is also based on this book~ Ps2: Domestic film and television dramas include Sino-US co-productions like The Adventures of Jackie Chan (comical) Ps3: Welcome everyone to discuss and propose more magical settings for domestic film and television dramas~ ps4: Please support the new book (you know~)


TitleI Opened the Martial Arts Hall In Marvel
Raw Title我在美漫开武馆
Addition DateOctober 23, 2022
AuthorLing Gan Yi Kao Meng
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TagsBlackmail,Harem-seeking Protagonist,Male Protagonist,Nationalism,Racism,System,Marvel