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1040 Chapters · 7 Readers
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During the Warring States Period, China experienced great changes that had not happened in thousands of years. Some people are born into a noble family. Some people are honored as princes and grandsons. However, Hei Fu was reborn as a mere soldier of the Qin State, a small figure in the Yunmeng Qin Slips. In order not to die in the ravine and to control his own destiny, he climbed up hard. Fortunately, he caught up with a good era. After six kings, the whole world is one! With a thousand-year bloodline, he is no match for military merit and nobility. The nobles of the world are all trampled under the feet of Qin officials. Hei Fu just wanted to ask with a smile: Princes, generals and prime ministers, would you rather have the seed? With his participation in expelling the Xiongnu, conquering Baiyue, abolishing feudalism, and burning poems and books, has history changed? The First Emperor died and the land was divided. As a Qin official, how should he decide whether to add fuel to the flames or turn the tide?


  • Qin Official
  • 秦吏
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