After the Eldest Sister-in-law Died Young, Dai Wen Remarried


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620 Chapters · 13 Readers
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Yun Qinghuan finally managed to become a movie queen, but when she opened her eyes, she transformed into the eldest sister-in-law of a big boss in the era who died young. In this period novel, Yun Qinghuan remarried and died tragically, leaving behind only a three-year-old son who became the main villain in the book. He finally committed suicide by forcing himself to die. The villain’s main supporter who dares to act so boldly is Yun Qinghuan’s taciturn Bai Naihan, who he has never met twice. After traveling through time and facing forced marriage from her mother-in-law and matchmaking from her mother-in-law, Yun Qinghuan looked at the taciturn man and said, “Let’s just fake the marriage!” Otherwise, he would be bored to death by trying to plot her marriage every day! The man paused, looked over with a faint look, and said nothing. Yun Qinghuan thought that the man would not agree to her ridiculous suggestion, but she did not expect that the man would drag her to get a marriage certificate the next day. People in the village say that Mrs. Liu knows how to scheme! Everyone is waiting to see the joke, thinking that the broomstick Xingyun Qinghuan and the disabled Bai Naihan will have to separate sooner or later! Even Yun Qinghuan himself felt that this marriage would break up sooner or later, and secretly planned to take advantage of the opportunity to escape from this house, so that he could stay far away from the villain and the boss behind him, and he didn’t even know when he would become cannon fodder. But who knew that this marriage, which was disliked by everyone, would become stronger and stronger. Yun Qinghuan, the bad guy, has become a great director! Bai Naihan also became the big boss and doted on Yun Qinghuan to the heavens! People in the village waiting to see the joke: “…”


  • After the Eldest Sister-in-law Died Young, Dai Wen Remarried
  • 穿成年代文早逝长嫂后她改嫁了
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