Primordial Chaos: Pan Gu and the System at Odds


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243 Chapters · 18 Readers
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[Chaos + Prehistoric + Daily Killing System] As a system, the daily routine is to cultivate the host and find Pangu! A system without Pangu blood is still embarrassed to come out and mess around? I can't afford to lose that face! Draw blood! Marrow extraction! Draw the soul! A group of systems rushed towards Pangu with swords, guns, swords, sticks and needles! … As the leader of Chaos, the big brother of the Three Thousand Demon Gods! Pangu's daily routine was to lead his brothers to conquer the system. Every time I wake up, both systems are uncomfortable! Kill the system! Cut the system! Tear the system apart! System A: My host level is too low and I need Pangu blood to improve my strength! Pangu: Haha, I just woke up, I want to refresh myself by cutting the system! System B: The host needs physical training. This time, he has to find a better quality Pangu and drain the chalcedony! Pangu: I can no longer improve the system by cutting it down. I want to tear the system apart this time! … System Ding: The host is too weak. Please take Pangu Yao back with you this time when purchasing the goods! Pangu: ...capture this system and sell it to the system den to become a system master! One day, Sanqian System learned that a Pangu was creating the world, and they arrived one by one with big needles in their arms! Pangu walked out slowly, looking in all directions. Three thousand demon gods followed, three thousand axes flashed with cold light, and the door was closed! Pangu looked at Sanqian System with amiable eyes and waved his hand: "Brothers, chop them to death!"


  • Primordial Chaos: Pan Gu and the System at Odds
  • 洪荒:我盘古和系统势不两立(1-191)
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