Before the empress goes dark, adopt her as a villain


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484 Chapters · 12 Readers
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[Empress] + [Double Wearing] + [Single Heroine] + [Mildly Illness] + [Sugar Spreading] * Ning Wuxie, the sweet scholar of the fantasy/fantasy skin, is in the process of encircling and suppressing the evil empress. , died in order to protect the contemporary emperor. Who would have thought, only when he was dying did he realize that this was actually a huge conspiracy against him by the Human Sect, just to kill him with the help of the Demonic Empress! After rebirth, the talent is still there. Ning Wuxie vowed to make the hypocritical and cold-hearted Renzong Renhuang pay the price! Wait a minute, why does this little beggar on the street look familiar... Isn't this the half-step immortal saint who killed me in the previous life and became invincible in the human world, the cruel and cruel Demonic Empress? ! ! The little Loli pitifully asked him for help, but Ning Wuxie had no reason not to help, but in the end he adopted her! What will the little cutie who keeps calling her brother do to herself when her memory awakens? Ning Wuxie found that her pure feelings were deteriorating day by day... It seemed that she couldn't live without herself! Only when the empress awakened did Ning Wuxie know the secrets she carried and the truth behind the destruction of the world! "If I'm gone, who in the world will love you." "This time, I won't let you bear it alone." - The single heroine's pure love is full of sweetness. Protagonist: Ning Wuxie, Jiang Ningxuan


  • Before the empress goes dark, adopt her as a villain
  • 趁女帝还没黑化,收养她当反派
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