Starting at Hogwarts


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67 Chapters · 35 Readers
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---after many years--- The Purple Sweet Potato Spirit comes to Blue Star. I thought I could be invincible on this planet, but I ended up facing a head-on blow. A move of magic that made him feel heart-stopping came towards him, an anti-matter bomb that made him feel fatally dangerous broke through the space and fell in front of him, and a spiritual power as vast as the sea rushed into his mind. Faced with such a scene, the Purple Sweet Potato Spirit was surprised and asked, "What's going on? Didn't it mean that there are no strong people on this planet? How could anyone be able to launch such a powerful attack?" But as soon as these words came out, the three people who caused these attacks completely broke their defenses! Malfoy's eyes were filled with bloodshot eyes, his throat was hoarse, and he trembled: "Is it very strong? If it wasn't to defeat that bastard, I would rather not be so strong!!!" Tony's face turned pale and his face was distorted as he said, "Do you know what I've been through? You have no idea at all!" The professor's eyes were closed tightly, his face was full of pain, but he didn't say a word.

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  • Starting at Hogwarts
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