Konoha: I turn on the limiter in the ninja world


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340 Chapters · 48 Readers
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[New book, this Uchiha Itachi is very aloof, interested book friends can learn more] Original name: Young son-in-law of the Hinata family "Master... Madam has given birth to a girl." In the courtyard, the stern-faced Hinata Hinata spoke seriously to Ryousuke, "From today on, you will marry into the lineage of our head Hyuga family and become Hinata's husband." "yes." Ryosuke, who has a childish face, looks very mature. As a traveler, he has his own support. The restriction is released once every three years. As long as he is given enough time, he is absolutely sure to become the most powerful being in the ninja world. Six years later. "Ryosuke, I always feel like you are very ordinary in everything except training." In the courtyard under the setting sun, a charming and quiet girl with long hair was sitting on the walkway, swaying her feet and pretending to be angry and asked: "Do you not love me anymore?" "How can there be..." Ryousuke, who was soaked with sweat, turned around helplessly, "My dear future head of the family, there are so many visitors from other worlds in the ninja world today. If I don't work hard quickly, I will soon be surpassed by others." "Liar, Ryousuke has been very powerful since he was a child. He has always been." As the heir to the clan leader, Hinata Hinata sighed, "Forget it, no matter where you go, I will always stand behind you with my family and accompany you..."


  • Konoha: I turn on the limiter in the ninja world
  • 木叶:我在忍者世界开启限制器
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