Online Games: Unlimited Enhancement of SSS Talent at the Beginning网游:开局SSS天赋无限强化

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658 Chapters · 10 Readers
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Author:Yan Cao Yi Leng 1

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[The Golden Snake Sword was successfully strengthened, and the Snake Queen was summoned. ]. ?Snake Queen: Master, please tell me what you want! [The skill ‘Evil Light Ghost Slash’ was successfully strengthened, and after summoning the ghost ghost. ]. what! female ghost? Then I’ll put you on maternity leave! [The Yao soul suit has been strengthened successfully! ]. Um? Is this the Yao princess? Princess Yaoyao! Don’t get on me! Zhou Han was surprised to find that the only SSS-level talent in the universe that he had awakened: infinite enhancement, was so awesome.


TitleOnline Games: Unlimited Enhancement of SSS Talent at the Beginning
Raw Title网游:开局SSS天赋无限强化
Addition DateSeptember 25, 2022
AuthorYan Cao Yi Leng 1
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