Netherworld Game Producer


188 Chapters
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188 Chapters · 10 Readers
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Author:Jing Shen Cuo Luan Hui

Novel Summary

Wen runs a game company on the verge of bankruptcy, which is a very developed game industry... The quality of the games produced by well-known companies is comparable to reality, and each masterpiece is carefully carved into the ninth art. However, he found that these games are all powerful, the enemy is weak, and brainless pushes can be easily clear... There is no underworld game in the whole world? In this way, where can you enjoy the 'happiness' of the game! For a cool game, it is impossible to get real 'happiness'. He decided to let the players of the world enjoy the 'happiness' of the game." I don't know why this game is obviously so depressed and played so much, but I just can't stop!" " Please be a person!!" Since then, there has been an additional underworld game producer in the world.


TitleNetherworld Game Producer
Raw Title阴间游戏制作人
Addition DateSeptember 29, 2022
AuthorJing Shen Cuo Luan Hui
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TagsBlack Belly,Gamers,Male Protagonist