Strongest Instant Upgrade System最强升级系统瞬间满级

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1030 Chapters · 27 Readers
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Author:Tian Xia Mo Yi

Novel Summary

Wake up, hold the strongest upgrade system in hand, turn on the skills, and automatically reach the full level! Open your eyes and open [Basic Vision]! Take a deep breath and turn on [Basic Inner Strength]! Do a push-up and turn on [Basic Body]! Hey, got beaten? Don’t panic, upgrade [Basic Body] [Iron Cloth], then upgrade [Admiralty Cover], continue to upgrade [King Kong is not bad body]! Hold the grass, there is a fight with the inner strength master over there, let me go and see! [Basic Inner Strength]Upgrade[Nine-turn Forging Energy], then upgrade [Innate One Qi Method], the breathing is getting stronger! Hey, there is a pile of books here, just flip through them! Turn on [Basic Alchemy] [Basic Refining] [Basic Beast Breeding… I found an incomplete ancient book and opened the [Shaking Furnace Elimination Method]. Have you ever seen a pill without impurities? All physical body exercise skills are turned on, and the host talent is activated-[Stone becomes gold], I click, I click, I click! First-order pill? Upgrade me to Tier 3! Tier 5! Tier Nine! A pipe breaker? Turn me into a supreme magic weapon! An ordinary dog? Turn me into a snarling dog! An unqualified waste wood? Turn me into a monster with the highest aptitude! With the strongest upgrade system in my hand, I am getting stronger no matter what I do. From then on, I am all-powerful and invincible!


TitleStrongest Instant Upgrade System
Raw Title最强升级系统瞬间满级
Addition DateSeptember 30, 2022
AuthorTian Xia Mo Yi
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