Martial Arts Master Travelled to Ancient Time and Farms


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309 Chapters · 3 Readers
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Cheng Ling, the descendant of modern martial arts, traveled to the ancient times of war, and took his family to escape from the famine, farming, practicing medicine, and doing business… Working hard for tomorrow, only to get a place to live in this strange era after the world is stable, to stand up with dignity, instead of kneeling and begging for life. But who knew that disguising as a man was so successful that the new dynasty left her good name everywhere. Young Master Hou’s Mansion: Young Master Cheng is very talented, and what he said casually was the rule of the world. I must recommend him to the prince. Guozijian sacrifice wine: Cheng Xiaoyou has a splendid beauty in his chest, and the day when the imperial examination resumes, it must be the time when he will become famous. If he can’t win the top spot, the old man will slam into a pillar to tell the sky. Miss Xiangfu: Cheng Shenyi is a prodigy, but he has a noble character and is not interested in fame and fortune. I respect him and love him, even if I have no relationship with him, I should ask the prince’s cousin to give him a birth. Ten Miles of Spring Breeze Hua Kui Lady: Except for the three feet of snow on your body, who in the world is matched with white clothes? In that court, were they okay with you? With a sigh, only remote mail. … And the prince, who was always mentioned in passing, intentionally or unintentionally, had already quietly raised his chin. Prince: My brother, my confidant, what do you say? Cheng Ling: …


  • Martial Arts Master Travelled to Ancient Time and Farms
  • 国术传人逃荒后,知己遍天下
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