Superstar Couple


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472 Chapters · 1 Readers
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Author:Jiang Chen Zhi Ming

Novel Summary

Zhang Le, the influential young director who made some small commercials, suddenly became popular and became the focus of various media rushing to report. However, what makes him depressed is: he is popular, not because of his amazing talent, nor because of the golden finger after the rebirth, but because he has a popular star wife. As red as my wife! Red than my wife! Let my wife as red as myself… I vowed to make the stars of the world dim in front of my husband and wife stars! A sturdy story about the rebirth of a foreign world who has inherited the traditional skills of the country.


TitleSuperstar Couple
Raw Title巨星夫妻
Addition DateJune 3, 2023
AuthorJiang Chen Zhi Ming
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TagsActing,Beautiful Female Lead,Charming Protagonist,Devoted Love Interests,Different Social Status,Doting Love Interests,Familial Love,Famous Protagonist,Male Protagonist,Mature Protagonist,Nationalism,Poor to Rich,Pregnancy,Previous Life Talent,Showbiz,Singers,Transmigration,Writers