The Female Supporting Role is Super Strong But Took the Love Brain Script


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162 Chapters · 8 Readers
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Author:Ning Meng Ban Tang

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A: Of course, it is to help them win the hearts of those male protagonists and make them regret it… What if the daughter in the group is the daughter of the CEO of a top AI group, the little doctor girl who is abandoned in the chaos is a once-in-a-century genius, and the Paramount socialite who is hated by the male protagonist has a unique voice…? Shen Yiling: That’s it— What kind of love brain is it under these conditions? Come to give me self-improvement! – Shen Yiling has been an orphan for more than ten years before she realizes that she is the daughter of a wealthy family. In the future, she will be humiliated and used by her beloved man because she can’t fight the fake daughter, and then she will be kicked out of the house again by her family. The original intention of the system to select her was to use her to save these love-brained female partners and make the male protagonist fall in love with them. Not long after, the system found that the task was completed But the female supporting roles in the group don’t want male protagonists and become her workers. What’s the matter QAQ one Yunzhou City opened a mysterious AI company, all the equipment in it is high-tech that has never been seen before, and the wealthy family wants to cooperate with them. Later, the paparazzi accidentally photographed the founder of the company, who was actually the real daughter of Shen Jiagang. The Shen family, who tried to cooperate with the company but were repeatedly rejected, were startled: … How come we didn’t know? two There is an old Chinese medicine practitioner who has exploded overnight on the Internet. The medicine he gave is not too much to bring people back from the gate of hell. Countless wealthy people with old diseases want to get his reply. Later, the courier brother accidentally discovered that the old Chinese doctor who sent the courier was a real daughter from the Shen family? ! The original male protagonist, who almost knelt down nine times to ask for medicine for his grandfather, was stunned: Then why did she refuse me? ! three There is a king in the entertainment industry who is popular all over the world, and his concert tickets have been fired to sky-high prices. Later, he personally broke the news: My inspiration came from Shen Yiling, and the female voice that sang with me was her. Shen Yiling stared: “You can’t talk nonsense, that’s what my staff sang.” Fans: This… what else is there that we don’t know? ! There is a saying that I want to hug my thighs, but I don’t know if I should say it or not! —— small theater The female supporting group in the female supporting group worships the group leader without thinking, and the daily conversation in the group is “Today I sent xxx to the group leader” “Today the group leader praised the xxx I sent again” One day, the princess said suddenly, “You are no match for me, the brother I gave is already the pillow of the group owner~” Female supporting roles: “…” Can you tell me what you gave? ! Really take this old sixth! Read the guide Super awesome female protagonist x male protagonist who vomits blood when he moves (white cut black) The male protagonist was really weak at the beginning, still a little camellia, but he is actually very strong!


TitleThe Female Supporting Role is Super Strong But Took the Love Brain Script
Raw Title女配超强却拿了恋爱脑剧本
Addition DateOctober 9, 2022
AuthorNing Meng Ban Tang
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