One Piece Infinity Gloves海贼之无限手套

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559 Chapters · 2 Readers
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Author:Wu Mian Qi Liang

Novel Summary

“Do you want to know about the same infinite gloves of Thanos?” Just after watching the three premieres of the Women’s Federation, Luo Qing has completely changed his life because of this impulsive consumption. …… When Luo Qing, who inexplicably crossed into the world of Pirates, successfully inlaid a devil fruit on the golden infinite glove, he was completely confused! What follows is a question of both happiness and distress! It seems that there are 6 grooves on this glove… So, which 6 kinds of Devil Fruits can be the strongest in theory? Wait online! One hundred thousand hot! Don’t force me to snap my fingers!


TitleOne Piece Infinity Gloves
Raw Title海贼之无限手套
Addition DateOctober 20, 2022
AuthorWu Mian Qi Liang
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TagsFanfiction,Harem-seeking Protagonist,One Piece