Global Online Survival


174 Chapters
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174 Chapters · 23 Readers
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Author:Luan Wa

Novel Summary

Blue Star suddenly became digitized, and everyone entered a survival game. Everyone had to choose a survival mode, start survival challenges, and get rewards and upgrades by completing tasks. “Island Mode!” “Wilder Mode!” “Rainforest Mode!” “Desert Mode!” “Polar Mode!” “Death mode!” Ye Jun, who chose the death mode, unexpectedly awakened the sign-in system. When others hadn’t gotten fired for a few hours, he signed in with a lighter. When others trudged to find the water source, Ye Jun signed in to a fresh water purification device. “Ding, sign in successfully, get a deep-sea diving robot and collect a deep-sea energy gem” “Ding, sign in successfully, get an ocean-going battleship…” Ye Jun lay on the deck, blowing the wind, drinking champagne, driving the battleship, and flattening an island. Death mode? That’s it?


TitleGlobal Online Survival
Raw Title全球在线求生
Addition DateOctober 27, 2022
AuthorLuan Wa
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TagsBeast Companions,Bloodlines,Dragons,Famous Protagonist,Game Elements,God Protagonist,Magic,Male Protagonist,Necromancer,Pets,Shameless Protagonist,Sudden Strength Gain,Survival Game,System