Rebirth of the Evil Life


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7279 Chapters · 4 Readers
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Author:Huang Jin Zhan Shi

Novel Summary

Rebirth is not terrible, just because it turns into a monster. Lin Feng was reborn and returned to 1999. This year, the Internet and e-commerce have just risen, and online games have gradually entered the eyes of players. And Lin Feng’s rebirth life will start from building his game empire. “Legend” became a real legend in his hands. “Plants vs. Zombies” swept casual online games, acquired 3DO, annexed Blizzard, and forced the purchase of “KONAMI”, making “Second World” the world’s most popular game company. Set foot in the Premier League again, be richer than Chelsea, richer than Manchester City, and create a brand new “Godfather of Champions.” And this is just the beginning of Lin Feng’s evil life…


TitleRebirth of the Evil Life
Raw Title重生之妖孽人生
Addition DateNovember 12, 2022
AuthorHuang Jin Zhan Shi
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Monthly Rank#3848
All Time Rank#3509
TagsAntihero Protagonist,Business Management,Naive Protagonist