I’m Raising Adorable Treasures In the Last Days我在末世养萌宝

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437 Chapters · 4 Readers
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Author:Qian Kai

Novel Summary

An acid rain started the journey of the apocalypse. Lan Shiruo is dedicated to repaying her adoptive parents for their rebirth, but she does not want her family to be human-faced and animal-hearted, and sacrifice her parents and children for wealth. On the day of the last days, she will be reborn in blood, and she will take her son and her husband to fight the world. The girls came one after another, “Sister, give me a thigh hug.” The guys followed closely, “Sister-in-law, please support me.” A certain steamed bun tilted his head and drooled, “Auntie blamed Shufan for grabbing numbness, Baba, come on.” A certain dog stared at death, “Master, come into the arms of the mastiff.” A certain dog man with an indifferent face, “Go away, that’s my wife.” Turning his head and putting on a grieving face, he confronted his little daughter-in-law and said, “My wife, please pity me.” Lan Shiruo…


TitleI’m Raising Adorable Treasures In the Last Days
Raw Title我在末世养萌宝
Addition DateNovember 13, 2022
AuthorQian Kai
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TagsApocalypse,Childcare,Handsome Male Lead,Magical Space,Strong Love Interests,Zombies,Female Protagonist