The Little Cutie is Taken Away by the Paranoid Male God


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673 Chapters · 23 Readers
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After being bound by the system, Luo Ci started the journey of collecting fragments of the male god. The handsome actor’s beautiful pupils were gentle, and he shook his wrist slightly, revealing a silver rubber band, and lightly parted his pale crimson thin lips: “I am already famous.” The cool and dignified online game god held a long sword in his hand and protected her behind him, with a light tone: “I only trust you, and I only protect you.” The beautiful actress gently pulled on her sleeve, her voice soft and submissive: “The actor is ruthless, but I like you.” The noble silver dragon’s little highness has clear eyes, and his face is full of sincerity: “I will give you all the dragon egg fragments.” * Luo Ci never thought that she would return to the Three Thousand Planes, but she was thankful that she had agreed to the binding system countless times later.


  • The Little Cutie is Taken Away by the Paranoid Male God
  • 小可爱被偏执男神叼走了
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