Quick Transmigration: Male Match Guide


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1777 Chapters · 17 Readers
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(The female protagonist is a growth type, a little white in the early stage, a little pervert in the later stage) She is a system in the Plane Association, a strategy system, an upgraded version of the strategy system! In order to become a real human, she embarked on the road of male support in the world of strategy novels! On the road to becoming a real human, she not only has to learn how to make the male partner fall in love with her, but also how to become like a human, love and hate, and experience everything! and many more– Who will tell her why the target of her strategy is the president of the Plane Association? ! I wipe- Why did she complete her mission and become a real human, but she continued to go to the raid? ! President, come back soon~ I can’t bear it with a system…

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  • Quick Transmigration: Male Match Guide
  • 快穿之男配攻略
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