Dressed As the Younger Brother of Four Pet Sisters and Crazy Demons穿成四个宠妹狂魔的弟弟

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1229 Chapters · 2 Readers
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Author:Yu Yu Yu

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[Brother abuse is refreshing for a while, chasing sister crematorium] The four pet sister crazy demons dismissed the “brothers” they picked up, and turned on their taunting skills anytime and anywhere, with strict requirements. Li Qinian lay on the bed and received cordial greetings from four brothers. Big Brother: Boys can’t get up and train. Second brother: Boys can’t eat soft meals, get up, and work. Third brother: Boys can’t do without 200 points, get up and study. Fourth brother: Boys can’t live without a meter, get up and run. ——— Li Qinian backhanded the four elder brothers, put on skirts, stepped on high heels, and went to find his boyfriend from a “poor family”. As a result, the four brothers saw a beautiful female fairy, pressing the cold-looking Jiangcheng richest man in the corner. Li Qinian curled his lips and raised Jiang Wang’s chin: “Baby, listen to me tonight, eh?” The banshee turned her head, her face was exactly the same as her own brother Wei Wei Nuo! ! ——— Brother: “Sister, stop training, hurt your hand.” Li Qinian: “Oh, girls can’t be motherly.” Second brother: “Sister, you hold this black card~” Li Qinian: “Oh, girls can’t eat soft rice.” Third brother: “Sister, this time I have improved with 199 points!” Li Qinian: “Oh, girls can’t live without 200 points.” Fourth brother: “Sister, sleep well, stop running.” Li Qinian: “Oh, girls can’t live without 1.8 meters.” [A story about four straight steel men exhausted their strength to die]


TitleDressed As the Younger Brother of Four Pet Sisters and Crazy Demons
Raw Title穿成四个宠妹狂魔的弟弟
Addition DateNovember 18, 2022
AuthorYu Yu Yu
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TagsAdopted Protagonist,Death,Beautiful Female Lead,Wealthy Characters,Comedic Undertone,Complex Family Relationships,Cross-dressing,e-Sports,Gamers,Handsome Male Lead,Hiding True Identity,Modern Day,Mysterious Family Background,Overprotective Siblings,Parallel Worlds,Showbiz,Siblings Not Related by Blood,Sister Complex,System Administrator,Transmigration,Female Protagonist