White Ring of Douluo


384 Chapters
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384 Chapters · 6 Readers
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Author:Xian Yu He Jiang You

Novel Summary

Protagonist: Is it a twin martial soul? No, just one. Protagonist: A superb martial arts soul? An ordinary food is Wuhun, bread. Protagonist: So innate full soul power should always be there, right? No, it’s level two. Protagonist: So the system should be very powerful? There is no system. Protagonist: Nothing, why am I better than others? This protagonist is improper! There are panels, digitization, no bottlenecks, real-time feedback, only advancement and no retreat. Protagonist: emmm… Protagonist: Help me up! I can live for a while!


TitleWhite Ring of Douluo
Raw Title白环斗罗
Addition DateNovember 23, 2022
AuthorXian Yu He Jiang You
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TagsFanfiction,Male Protagonist,Douluo Dalu