Transcending Immortal Academy超级仙学院

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3842 Chapters · 3 Readers
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Author:Chi Chang Cun Duan

Novel Summary

There is such a college in the city. It does not teach physical and chemical numbers, but teaches martial arts, magical powers, and magical powers. The teachers of the academy are not ordinary teachers, but they are famous characters from various novels and film and television planes. Chu Liuxiang: “On the personal charm of getting a girl back.” Jun Ding: “No one can stop the chef from martial arts.” Nie Xiaoqian: “Elective my course, can’t I live? Can I hang myself or hang myself?” Clairvoyant: “Learned my skills, you can see through!” Nezha: “Before class, let me tell you the story of my flesh and mother and my bones and father.” … As the first training institute of the earth, our slogan is to bring together the world’s best schools and cultivate the human elite. In the city, let’s see how Wang Xing builds the Super Fairy Academy and achieves the strongest dean!


TitleTranscending Immortal Academy
Raw Title超级仙学院
Addition DateNovember 24, 2022
AuthorChi Chang Cun Duan
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TagsAcademy,Male Protagonist,Modern Day,System