On The Day Of My 100th Blind Date, I Arrested My Date


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636 Chapters · 28 Readers
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Chen Yan’s 100th blind date was a bit off track. Because this guy caught the blind date. … “Since it’s a blind date, let’s get straight to the point!” “Your salary is too low, and the house is too small… To be honest, if you weren’t handsome, our blind date would have ended here.” The blind date is obviously not satisfied with Chen Yan’s situation. “Well, write my name in the house and ask your family to buy another 500,000 car, and let’s get in touch.” Chen Yan was a little hesitant and confused, this girl was more direct and… realistic than she imagined. “It’s not about money at all for you to add my name to the house book. As for buying a car… To put it bluntly, it’s just my salary for a month.” “But you are so hesitant about such a simple thing… You are too stingy.” “Hehe, nothing else, I’ll go first.” The blind date looked arrogant, and with a huh, he pronounced the ending of the blind date. But Chen Yan felt that it might be a bit hasty to end the 100th blind date like this. “Beauty, I’m not stingy, but if you want to leave, it doesn’t seem to work.” “What? The police want to stalk you too? Or do they want me to pay the bill? Hehe, waiter, pay the bill!” In addition to arrogance and contempt in the eyes of the blind date. Stalker? pay? “You don’t have to pay the bill!” Chen Yan took out a pair of silver bracelets expressionlessly. “Please get up and put your head in your hands, you are under arrest!” … “Ding! Congratulations to the host for completing the 100th blind date, the strongest police development system is activated!” “Ding! Congratulations to the host for catching one of the main criminals of the Internet recruiting piao criminal gang, and rewarded for unlocking the olfactory gene lock!”


  • On The Day Of My 100th Blind Date, I Arrested My Date
  • 第一百次相亲当天,逮捕相亲对象
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