Deep Sea Ember


684 Chapters
44 Readers
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684 Chapters · 44 Readers
5.0(9 reviews)
Author:Yuan Tong

Novel Summary

On that day, thick fog blocked everything. On that day, he became the captain of a ghost ship. On that day, he stepped through the thick fog and faced a completely subverted and fragmented world - the old order has disappeared, weird visions dominate the endless sea outside civilized society, isolated island city-states and challenges The fleet of the sea has become the only remaining light in the civilized world, but the shadows of the past are still swaying in the deep sea, waiting to continue to devour this dying world. But for the new captain of the Lost Home, there is only one problem that he must consider first—— Who knows how the boat sails?!


TitleDeep Sea Ember
Raw Title深海余烬
Addition DateDecember 12, 2022
AuthorYuan Tong
Weekly Rank#85
Monthly Rank#92
All Time Rank#105
TagsFuturistic Setting,Male Protagonist,Time Travel,Transmigration