I, Sakazuki, Will Not Take a Dog Easily


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734 Chapters · 2 Readers
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Author:Chun Qiu Bing

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Navy Headquarters, Navy Messenger: “Report!!! The Marshal of the Warring States Period, General Huang Yuan said that he would like you to watch and give a speech during the tour of the Chambord Islands.” The Warring States Period covered his face: “Damn it, Kuzan is not here, Sakarski, please take a trip and bring back the shameful thing that sang PPAP.” “Happy to Serve” Warring States: “Reporter, why are you still here? Is there anything else to report?” Reporter: “Don’t you know? The composition and lyrics of PPAP were all done by General Akainu…” Warring States: “…” “Sakazuki!! That bastard! I will kill him sooner or later” (Ah! Some readers asked me why I was writing a serious style pirate, but I had to use a funny profile, emmmmmm, mainly for the skin, I am very happy!!!)


TitleI, Sakazuki, Will Not Take a Dog Easily
Raw Title我萨卡斯基才不会轻易狗带(全本)
Addition DateDecember 26, 2022
AuthorChun Qiu Bing
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