The Soft and Adorable Host was Picked Up by the Yandere Bigshot


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Bai Sang, who only lived for 18 years, died from a heart disease and was bound to a system with the task of seducing the villain. The villains had tragic life experiences, often physiologically distorted, cruel and heartless, and paranoid by nature. – Bai Sang transmigrated into the body of a sickly and introverted young lady, and the villain had just recently become her little attendant. 【Seduction Task One: Skin contact with the villain for ten seconds.】 Bai—thin-skinned—Sang’s face flushed, and she didn’t dare to look straight at him. Her voice was warm and soft: “I… Can I hold your hand?” Evil villain: “Good.” – Bai Sang transmigrated into an oceanographer, and the villain was a blood-tailed mermaid who had just been caught ashore by her. 【Seduction Task One: Touch the villain’s fishtail for ten seconds.】 Mermaids are cruel by nature, especially the blood-tailed mermaids, who are born to slaughter fiends. Bai Sang looked pale and her dark eyes tinged with a touch of fear. She half-knelt in front of the mermaid and pitifully spoke: “I… May I touch your tail?” The corner of the mermaid’s mouth hooked up into a malicious smile: “Yes.”


  • The Soft and Adorable Host was Picked Up by the Yandere Bigshot
  • 软萌宿主被病娇大佬捡走了
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