I Just Became An Immortal, My Descendants Beg Me To Come Out of the Mountain


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792 Chapters · 114 Readers
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Reincarnated as the first prince of the Jing Dynasty, Jiang Changsheng was transferred by a traitor as soon as he was born, and then he was sent to a temple to become an ordinary little Taoist priest. From the prince to the little Taoist priest who no one cares about, his life has fallen. Fortunately, Jiang Changsheng has activated the survival system and has an infinite lifespan. As long as he survives the hardships of life, he can get a survival reward. He was almost killed by his brother while practicing martial arts, but survived by luck and got the leg of the gods. Encountered an earthquake, was nearly killed by the beam of the house, and obtained the Nine Searching Heavenly Dragon Step. The demons roamed the capital, passed it safely, and obtained the magic weapon to conquer the demon pestle. … There are many dynasties, demons are rampant, and martial arts rule the world. This is a world without immortals and gods, and Taoism is hidden in the halls and mountains. Three hundred years later. When the Jing Dynasty was prosperous, it ushered in decline, the princes rose together, the emperor became a puppet in the hands of the heroes, split the dynasty, and fought for decades. The puppet emperor Jiang Xuanzhen came to the Taoist temple and knelt down and cried, “My descendants are not filial and unable to return to heaven, please ask our ancestors to ascend the throne and continue my grand scene for another 300 years!”


  • I Just Became An Immortal, My Descendants Beg Me To Come Out of the Mountain
  • 刚成仙神,子孙求我出山
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