I Am the Legendary BOSS


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710 Chapters · 10 Readers
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Author:Wo Wei Zhe Xian Ren

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What should I do if I cross to another world and become an NPC? This idea has been deeply rooted and sprouted in William’s mind! Therefore, he decided: I want to be the strongest NPC in history. Wear the thickest armour and give the most vicious beatings! Who says an NPC will be killed by players? Who says an NPC upgrades more slowly than players? Who says an NPC must explode equipment, I can explode in more ways… Bah humph. Anyway, it’s impossible for me to die. Just take a look at all you trash players. Your father will stand here and let you chop for an hour without a frown!


TitleI Am the Legendary BOSS
Raw Title我是传奇BOSS
Addition DateOctober 13, 2022
AuthorWo Wei Zhe Xian Ren
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TagsComedic Undertone,Elves,Fantasy Creatures,Fantasy World,Game Elements,Hard-Working Protagonist,Harem-seeking Protagonist,Kingdom Building,Kingdoms,Loyal Subordinates,Male Protagonist,MMORPG,Reincarnated in a Game World,Romantic Subplot,Sword And Magic,Transmigration,Transported into a Game World