Knock Down That Tower


561 Chapters
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561 Chapters · 9 Readers
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Author:Chong Feng Huo Yan Zhu

Novel Summary

Li Wei traveled to another world with the title attribute panel and became the son of a country farmer. Knight, Mage, Aphasic, Hanged Man... Demons, magic plants, foreign objects, sea elves... In front of the extraordinary and the powerful, Li Wei made a promise: "I want to be a high-ranking prince, with the most prosperous and vast territory, and let all beings praise my prestige." "...Of course, the premise is that the tower must be pushed down." This is a story of a farmer's son with a plug-in to counterattack the king.


TitleKnock Down That Tower
Raw Title推掉那座塔
Addition DateMay 27, 2022
AuthorChong Feng Huo Yan Zhu
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