People In Pirates: I Can Copy Any Talent


125 Chapters
8 Readers
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125 Chapters · 8 Readers
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Author:Qi Mu Qia Dong Xi

Novel Summary

Neuer travels through the world of pirates, is adopted by Bermer, and becomes Nami’s older brother! The Awakened Talent Copy System can copy anyone’s talent in a certain aspect at will! What kind of experience will it be when Neuer has Shanks’ domineering talent, Kaido’s physical talent and Hawkeye’s swordsmanship talent? Even the ability of a devil fruit can be copied by the system as a talent! Many years later, Neuer turned the sea upside down with a talent that surpassed everyone in the world. (Slow and hot text, slow development in the early stage, and random waves afterwards)


TitlePeople In Pirates: I Can Copy Any Talent
Raw Title人在海贼:我能复制任意天赋(全本)
Addition DateJanuary 10, 2023
AuthorQi Mu Qia Dong Xi
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All Time Rank#4363
TagsMale Protagonist