Naruto’s Hidden Shadow Snake火影之潜影之蛇

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1204 Chapters · 3 Readers
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Author:Fei Ru Hei Tian

Novel Summary

The protagonist Ye Long was unhappy, but inexplicably traveled to another dimension and merged with the soul of a great scientist. From then on, a man named Orochimaru held a grass sword, awakened the blood of Yaqi, controlled the yin and yang escape of immortality, absorbed the core of the world, and also Crazy manufacture of Horcruxes, research into chemical weapons, and embarked on a road of no return that changed his life against the sky and subverted the finale…


TitleNaruto’s Hidden Shadow Snake
Raw Title火影之潜影之蛇
Addition DateJune 7, 2022
AuthorFei Ru Hei Tian
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All Time Rank#1037
TagsAbility Steal,Bloodlines,Eye Powers,Protagonist with Multiple Bodies,Male Protagonist