Traveling Through Ancient Times To Be a Shopkeeper


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97 Chapters · 18 Readers
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Wei Cheng dressed up as the second child of the Wei family, with a dull and dull personality. The original owner’s family lived outside the county seat, while the original owner lived alone in the countryside and helped the family farm. His family eats spicy food, and he eats rice with bran. The original owner was twenty years old and didn’t say he was married. His eldest brother married a daughter-in-law and gave birth to a son. It was hard for the family to remember his marriage, but after the original owner got married, it was hard for him to continue living in the country, which would cause gossip, and later his family simply separated him. Divorce before marrying a wife. When arranging a blind date at home, I met a woman who hated him and was full of dislike for the original owner. The original owner also liked a girl in the village, and was disgusted and abused in the same way, and his family also disliked his poor and shabby clothes. After the separation, they also divided into a dilapidated house that no one lived in for a few years, and the original owner left after thinking about it. Wei Cheng traveled to ancient times by car accident and started his new life, marrying brothers and daughters-in-law, doing business, from being looked down upon by poor relatives, to getting rich later, step by step towards a wealthy family. Weicheng traveled to a prosperous and powerful country. It was a dilapidated family outside the suburbs of Nanshan County. After the separation, they went from doing business to being a peddler and wholesaler. Time Traveling Gong V Gentle and Capable Brother Shou His family is poor. Sit and wait for a slap in the face. Content tags: childbirth commoner life farming text face slap Search keywords: Protagonist: Wei Cheng, Zhou Yuan ┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others:


  • Traveling Through Ancient Times To Be a Shopkeeper
  • 穿越古代做货郎
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