Give top Alpha as a Comfort for the Disabled Omega


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425 Chapters · 10 Readers
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Author:Hui Jian Ru Yu

Novel Summary

Disabled Omega Who Gives Top Alpha as a Comforter As a small Omega with congenital glands, Omega has always been inferior, as Omega he cannot be labeled, and pheromones are not attracted to any Alpha. But he secretly liked his captain, and on the night of the dissolution of the team, Lin Nuo confessed to Alpha, who had liked him for 3 years, and the person who had always been gentle said to him the three words "you are not worthy". Although the ending had been predicted, it still made him sad for a long time. After flying alone, he had no resources and was once ready to be terminated, but he was suddenly taken


TitleGive top Alpha as a Comfort for the Disabled Omega
Raw Title给顶级Alpha当抚慰剂的残疾Omega
Addition DateMay 27, 2022
AuthorHui Jian Ru Yu
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